SEO is dead? Hardly! Unless you’re just posting pictures of kittens and bacon, SOME thought should be given as to how your amazing thoughts will get found. Just having a pretty website is not enough. All the word of mouth in the world is just not as effective as showing up in search. As someone who monitors this space every day, it seems there are two emerging schools of thought:

  • Forget about SEO
  • Think about nothing but SEO

A few weeks ago, I posted about finding a middle way between these two positions; I called it the ‘Goldilocks’ approach and since then I have been thinking about little else besides what are the basics that every solopreneur and small business person should cover if their objective is to get found in relevant search. At that time, I developed these 7 steps as the bases that should be covered:


How much SEO is enough?

For those who are wondering what the next steps are, I offer the following thoughts curated from my morning reading today:

  • Embrace SEO if you want to get found
  • Understand on page optimization
  • Understand off page optimization
  • Understand how to write for Google AND your audience at the same time
  • Understand what role social media plays in helping you get found

If you want to dig deeper, here’s a suggested reading list:

How much SEO is enough? Read these six posts and you’ll have a pretty complete picture.

If this seems to be too much effort you always have the option of hiring someone to do it for you but the objective here is really for solopreneurs and small businesses to see what is actually required and be able to make an informed decision about how much they can or should do to do on their own. For example, one decision might be to embrace the 4th bullet point “Understand how to write for Google AND your audience at the same time” while engaging an SEO-savvy web designer to set up much of the rest. By the way, each one of these articles found me this morning via Inoreader, the power tool for content marketers. I describe the process I use here.

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