gdocsI’m just old enough that I started working before the advent of personal computers on the desktop. Back in 1983, I had a dictaphone and a secretary who would type my business correspondence for me. Since then, I’ve gotten pretty handy with a computer and I’ve tried a lot of voice to text applications on Mac, Windows and Linux. Now Google has added voice to text to Google Docs and I thought I’d give it a whirl! Here’s a short video of the experience:

And here’s the text that was transcribed in the video:

Click to speak. As you can see it starts working right away!

As you can see like any new technology it’s a little bit rough but I see that’s if you were willing to learn how to use this it could be a pretty valuable tool.

As long as it’s quiet enough you get pretty good results! Now let’s take a look at how I could convert this document into a blog post.

I really don’t think this will revolutionize blogging, but there may be a few people who think this little workflow is a godsend!

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