How to make your SEO ‘just right’ in 7 stepsA few weeks ago, I wrote post called Goldilocks and the three approaches to SEO [you might want to follow that link if you missed it] that stimulated a lot of thinking. Again, this morning another post about outsourcing SEO made me think about the topic again and I have decided there’s a need for some training that cuts through all the smoke and mirrors about SEO, especially for people who don’t have a lot of time to focus on it.

Every morning I use a tool called Inoreader to sift through a couple hundred articles on the topic of content marketing, SEO and online reputation building and I synthesize and collect the content that I create or curate here as a guide or portal for people who are looking to get found. I think frequently about the challenge of what the average solopreneur or small business owner can do to get found knowing that whatever I recommend has to be efficient and add a lot of value. After a lot of thinking on the topic, I have come up with a minimalist list that I think is a good start:

How to make your SEO ‘just right’ in 7 steps

I’m not sure I’ve got it all right here so please feel free to ask questions or poke holes in my list but know this; that whatever ends up being in the final list after a short period of time is going to make it into an online course called something like “Goldilocks SEO” for solopreneurs and small businesses. Subscribers will either be able to do the work or engage me to do it for them — it really makes no difference to me. What counts is having a rock solid list of the activities in which I need to repeatedly engage if I want to show up in search. I know there’s always more that can be done. What is the minimum?

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