I  am a fan of podcasts and have been for as long as I remember – listening to podcasts is a great way to get a ‘degree’ from the ‘automobile university’ as Zig Ziglar use to call it. I use a cross platform tool called Pocket Casts to monitor just over 100 thought leaders on a wide variety of topics that are near and dear to my heart. A few months ago, I was listening to a podcast called The BRAND New You Show with host Ryan Rhoten where he interviewed one of my favorite thought leaders, Dorie Clark. Ryan talked about a concept called ‘becoming the Google of your niche’ and when I wanted to ask him more, I went to his Twitter account where I saw this:


We connected via DM and I pitched Ryan on the idea of doing an episode on the importance of using a content reader like Inoreader for content marketing, but after Ryan looked at my site, he was much more interested in talking about the bigger picture of my ‘Elevation Workflow’ – the workflow I use to help my clients build their online reputation.

The elevation workflow by Todd Lohenry

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We agreed to connect and talk twice; first about the strategy behind the workflow and then the tools and tactics I use and how I use them. For your convenience, both episodes follow.


If you have a thought leadership position around personal branding or online reputation building, may I again recommend that you connect with Ryan? He’s the hardest working man in podcasting and the post-production work he does will add incredible value to your brand as it did mine.

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