3+ reasons why I’m STILL bullish on Google+

Despite all the uninformed opinions spreading doom & gloom about Google’s latest failure, when I begin working with a client, we start on Google+. “Why” they say “isn’t Google+ dead?” Au contraire. Here are three reasons why Google+ is STILL fundamental if you want to get found:

  1. Of all social networks, Google+ ranks #3 behind Facebook and YouTube for monthly active visitors. See the infographic at the bottom of this post.
  2. Of all social networks, Google +1s have the single highest correlation with Google search ranking. Read this.
  3. According to Moz, “after Page Authority, a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor.”

Consider this as well…

Google+ interactions affect Google search rankings more than virtually any other metric. Cultivating a strong Google+ presence helps to drive organic site visits, which convert at a higher rate than outbound-sourced leads. Simply put, Google+ is central to effective social media marketing. Not only does it provide engagement with diverse populations, but it directly affects measurable outcomes beyond engagement, including higher search results ranking. Source: The Link Between Google+ And SEO Demystified – TrackMaven

When you combine these factors with the workflow efficiencies I outlined last week, it seems pretty clear to me that if you want to get found in search by effectively building your online reputation, Google+ will be a big part of it — in fact, it may just be the most important part.

Thanks to The Social Media Hat for the following infographic…
Social Media Active Users

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