I think it's time to rethink the homebase and outpost model of internet presence. I first posted about this topic over 5 years ago inspired by posts I had read from +Darren Rowse and +Chris Brogan. Common sense in those days said 'don't build your house on rented land' — you have to have a website to which you point all your social media outposts! Local thought leaders like +David Sauter have long been talking about a 'siteless web' — an internet presence without a website as an alternative but in light of what I am seeing with Google+ and seo, I think it's time for a hybrid approach that leverages the best of both worlds.

For the past year, I have been content to WordPress that is optimized for search by WordPress SEO by +Yoast. I then share the content to my Google+ Page with additional comments and then finally Plus 1 and comment on the content with my profile to leverage the strengths of both Google Publishership and the personal profile. Even though I follow these steps religiously, it is still the Google Plus content that shows up in search. Recently, the thought occurred to me that perhaps I should just focus on creating and curating content to Google Plus and then capture it in my website to provide an inventory. Thanks to +*****'s excellent WordPress plugin SM2WP, I am able to do exactly that. When I add +Alois Bělaška's excellent +Friends+Me middleware and extension, I can also share the same great content to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at the same time as well.

The power of Google+ combined with SM2WP and Friends+Me leads me toward a new mental model around the 'homebase and outpost' methodology that is Google+ centric and yet leverages the strengths of a WordPress site. What say you? Is it time to shift the homebase in the direction of Google+?

Tactic #9: Leverage the ‘homebases and outposts’ strategy – Todd Lohenry
It has been awhile since I wrote about tactic #8; using branded mail… Today I’m going to talk about the third pillar of the e1evation system; promoting your online brand and reputation through the leveraging of homebases and outposts. Pillars 1 and 2 are ‘finding your passion’ and ‘publishing’. Once you’re publishing and you’ve found …

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