And now you know the rest of the story! Great post from +Mike Allton on all fronts. Curation has existed as long as there have been museums and other collections like them. Done well, curation is an important element of thought leadership…

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Curating content is older than you think.

This is still one of my favorite blog posts from my own archive… merging history with contemporary marketing.

If you haven't read it, I think you'll enjoy it.

Was Content Curation born in a French Hospital 95 Years Ago?
America joined World War I in April, 1917. With tensions building since 1915, President Wilson finally determined that American interests and lives, increasingly threatened by unrestricted submarine warfare on the part of Germans, required military action. War was declared on Germany, and within a few days America joined its allies in the struggle. However, it would be several months before sufficient troop strength could be mobilized. By March o…

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