TOYF_Light_3-optimizedI found an interesting post this morning on Lifehacker Australia. It says in part:

“We get more done when we’re on autopilot, actually. Not having to make decisions uses less willpower. So start building better habits. You don’t “decide” to brush your teeth, it’s just something you do and it’s not a struggle. With more habits like this you can get a lot more done in less time with little stress. At first, just try little habits. Connect them to things that are already part of your routine.” via Embrace Autopilot To Get More Busywork Done | Lifehacker Australia.

The trick seems to be to decide what things to put into autopilot. I relate this in my mind to a recent podcast I heard on The One you Feed in which guest Tony Stubblebine talked about the science of behavior design. In particular he talked about the concept of what cognitive budget is and how to use it in our lives. According to Tony, we only have so much energy for decision making and we preserve our cognitive resources by, in part, putting somethings on autopilot. You can find that interview here.

By the way, I made the ‘The One you Feed’ podcast part of my Sunday morning ‘autopilot’ long before it was named the top podcast on iTunes last year. I strongly recommend it for YOUR podcast lineup.

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