Can Feedly improve your state of mind?

I believe so. Psychologist Alice Boyes recently shared this thought on Psychology Today:

No one needs a research study to know that mainstream news generally consists of reporting negative events. For example, the nightly news or morning paper will tell you about a train that derailed but not the thousands of trains that didn’t.

Especially if you’re prone to anxiety, watching or reading mainstream news can be fear and anxiety inducing. Why does this matter? When the world seems dangerous, people are less likely to get out there and live their lives in interesting ways.

What’s an alternative?  The alternative is to find media and other sources of information that are inspiring and give you a sense of general safety, optimism and abundant opportunity.

Here’s some ways to improve your information diet…

Get the rest of the article here: What’s a Healthier Option Than Mainstream News? | Psychology Today.

Not only can Feedly make you more smarter and more productive, if you use it to ‘accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative’ it can also help improve your state of mind!

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