Is it time to search for Storify alternatives?

I have been using Storify for almost 1,000 posts or pages across various accounts. They were acquired by Livefyre and since then, some features have been removed and most recently, I noticed that some of my posts and pages did not display within Chrome. While troubleshooting this issue, a tech support person at Livefyre shared this tidbit with me:

“Over the past few months, WordPress’s API has changed and so has Storify’s. We try our level best to be compatible with all WordPress versions, but there are some especially the latest that might now work very well with our plugin. Some setups might not support embeds, resulting in to an error you seeing currently. I’m afraid there is no workaround for this at the moment, we may even discontinue the feature in the future due to us not being able to support a variety of WordPress versions.”

I love Storify because of the way it has worked in conjunction with WordPress in the past but the Storify plugin has not been updated for almost a year. This combined with the lukewarm response from their tech support forces me to put Storify on the ‘not recommended’ list until the status quo changes…

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