Hire a vet!

I am anti-war but pro-soldier: I don’t care how you feel about our government or the wars it wages; I do care however, about the good people who answered their nation’s call and took up arms to support our freedom. Recently I read this on the Huffington Post:

There are about 22 veteran suicides each day, a rate higher than previous estimates, based on a report released by the Department of Veterans Affairs earlier this year. Many veterans who take their own lives are over 50, but the hundreds of thousands of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan also struggle to adjust to civilian life while dealing with the mental and physical effects of war on top of a weak job market. Adam Legg, a 30-year-old Naval veteran, found that he couldn’t even get a job at McDonalds after returning from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009, according to ABC News. “When you feel like you can’t take care of your family, feed them, shelter them, it’s a very, very dark place. A feeling of uselessness that maybe they would be better off if you’re not around,” Legg told ABC. Some troops don’t make it home before taking their own lives. Military suicides reached a record high of 349 in 2012, and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has described the situation as an epidemic.

via Veteran Suicides Outpace Combat Deaths, Child Gun Deaths INFOGRAPHIC.

My brother-in-law Jim is a vet who is also a practicing psychotherapist on the front lines; he serves returning vets 40×50 year in and year out. If you’re not Jim, you can connect to vets and those who serve them using this website; TEAM RWB

Consider this:


Me? I’m blessed to know a vet and I thank God for him, his family and the sacrifices they have all made in the close to a couple decades I’ve known him. His name is Tim O’Neil and you’re a fool if you don’t connect with him on LinkedIn and snap him up before someone else does! For Tim and all the other vets out there, here’s a collection of LinkedIn resources to get started. I also pledge $1,000 worth of consulting services [more if needed] to help him land the job of his dreams. What will YOU do to help a vet? Comment below…

A dynamic page of resources for those looking to take advantage of LinkedIn…

A dynamic page of resources for those looking to take advantage of LinkedIn…


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