My approach to social media; a storify story…

How I help clients ‘get found’ when people are looking for them; a storify story by Todd Lohenry of Living Business, LLC.

2 thoughts on “My approach to social media; a storify story…

  1. Great stuff… but still stuck a bit on the self-centeredness of “Me”cosystem. Rings too much like over-awesomeness communications, not the “tweet” spot of the Golden Mean, which would be more customer-centric. I hate to criticize if I don’t have a better solution…still trying to create a better term. Or maybe it just feels too “mean?” But then again, this is the “sklaventreiber’s” perspective!


  2. Thanks for the comment, Sue. You make a good point as always, but that’s where I can be of assistance. The trick in leveraging social media is to find the ‘golden mean’ or ‘middle way’ between the two vices of non-communication and narcissism. That’s what the ‘me’cosystem is all about — healthy and effective social media…


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