What is it You Love So Much You’re Willing to Fight for It?

Friend and client Nilofer Merchant shares this thought:

Many scoff at Larry Lessig. They say he is an optimist, out of touch with reality.

But what it is that is said about the people who ultimately change the world?  “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”- Ghandi

Larry Lessig, if you don’t already know of him is one of the original creators of the Creative Commons. Creative commons lets any individual creator manage their rights to content, fundamentally updating the original notion of copyright to be less-lawyer intensive and right-sized for the Social Era. Since then, he’s gone one to support the Sunlight Foundation, aimed at opening up transparency to who is financing what. More recently, he’s been focused on dealing with political corruption, at RootStrikers.

His TED2013 talk at TED was, well, a stunning talk, one of my top 5 that I’ve been waiting to share…and it went live on TED.com today. Although it’s focused on the US, the issues it raises apply far more broadly.

Source: What is it You Love So Much You’re Willing to Fight for It – Nilofer Merchant

Well worth the watch…

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