e1evation: your brand needs attention

Here’s yet another reason to love Twylah. Notifications like these…

“Hi @e1evation!

It’s time to share on your branded topics! Focus and consistency on these topics strengthen your brand’s visibility and resonance — and get *you* more targeted followers and retweets!

social media -> 4 days ago.
content marketing -> 8 days ago.
content curation -> 12 days ago.
thought leadership -> 12 days ago.
blogging -> 11 days ago.
content strategy -> 11 days ago.
gtd -> 18 days ago.
seo -> 10 days ago.
search -> 7 days ago.

Click on the topic for suggestions on what you can tweet! Consistently tweeting about these topics helps you establish brand expertise (and get more followers and retweets).

Also, get more insights on your Twitter activity.
Thank you!

The Twylah Team

If you’d like to stop receiving these emails, you can unsubscribe here.”

Soon, they tell me, this feature will be available for everyone. Why don’t you head over to http://twylah.com and sign up for an account today, so you’ll be ready when this feature is available for all?!

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