Do you like TEDTalks?

My family and I are positively addicted! What could be better for homeschooled 8 and 13 year olds than to have a smorgasbord of some of the worlds greatest thinkers [no, not me and my wife] feeding them a steady diet of brilliant thinking?

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work with two ‘TEDTalkers’ — Nilofer Merchant and Nina Tandon. Nina’s talk is the featured talk of the day at today…

Nina was referred to me by Nilofer. She needed a new, dynamic website in preparation for last Friday’s appearance on The Katie Couric Show as a Dove “Woman Who Should be Famous”. She did an excellent job as you can see from the show segment here:

Before Nina and I began working together, her site looked like this:

Here’s what it looks like now [with a little help from Manca Ahlin of Mantzalin on the logo side]:

Most people seem to agree that the second site is one a little more appropriate for a woman of Nina’s stature. If you’re one of them, I could help you, too! Comment or contact me to talk about how this applies to your situation…

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