Why You Need a Responsive Blog Design Instead of a Mobile-Friendly One

Responsive adaptive web design examples framework

Danny Brown writes:

“When you read a blog, what’s your preferred method – desktop browser or mobile (say, smartphone or tablet)?

According to the analytics for this blog, my mobile browsing traffic accounts for just over 6,000 visits per month (or around 10% of my traffic), and they tend to stay on the site longer than desktop visitors.

So it makes sense for me to ensure these visitors are looked after. Because I run on WordPress, my blog is automatically mobile-friendly (meaning visitors on mobile browsers will get a nice replication of my design on their phones).

I could also install a plugin like WPtouch Pro, to optimize the mobile experience even more. But I’m not a fan of either of these approaches – instead, I much prefer a responsive design for mobile visitors.”

Full story at: Why You Need a Responsive Blog Design Instead of a Mobile-Friendly One – Danny Brown.

I agree with Danny and that’s why e1evation focuses on responsive WordPress websites! Comment below or use the connect form to talk about how this applies to your situation…

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