People Use Different Social Networks For Different Reasons

Gee. Ya think? 😀

Why do people use social networks? Is there a difference in how we approach and use personal and professional social media platforms, and are we a different person on each?

In The Mindset Divide, LinkedIn polled more than 6,000 social media users across 12 different countries about the ways they use different social channels. Their aspiration? That marketers will be better able to connect to these different mindsets on personal and professional networks.

It’s a big study, and all a bit biased towards LinkedIn, really, inasmuch as personal networks – i.e., Twitter and Facebook – are somewhat dismissed by the talking heads in the video that accompanies the study as “entertainment and fun” and ways to simply pass the time, whereas professional networks – i.e., LinkedIn – are “essential”, allow us to “succeed” and “learn about new opportunities”, drive us to “understand the changes in the landscape” and “help us lose weight and meet sexy people”. Get the rest here: People Use Different Social Networks For Different Reasons, Says LinkedIn [STUDY] – AllTwitter.

Watch this:

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