Personal news aggregation for Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

‘Personal news aggregation’? That’s using tools like Feedly and Google Reader to make the information you need to fuel your expertise come to you instead of rooting around the internet hoping to find good stuff…

Now I have spoken many times before about how I’d handle the flow of information in my world. I draw a sharp line between just-in-time information and just in case information. For me Gmail is the killer application for just-in-time information; information that affects relationships and revenue. You’ll never be a thought leader you can’t get out of your inbox…

But what about the just in case information? The just in case information belongs in Feedly/Google Reader and I believe the best way to consume that information is on a tablet or smart phone. The following playlist should give you a good idea of how Feedly on a tablet and Feedly on the Desktop can drive ‘personal news aggregation’. The first video is the product demo from the good folks at Feedly; they neglected, however, to show one of the best features of the new app, namely, that I can save articles to Google Reader simply by pressing down on an article for 1 second when I’m browsing. Take a look…

I think you’ll agree that Feedly, when combined with the 4 other tools in the video, is THE killer app for ‘personal news aggregation’. Try it today! You’ll thank me for it…

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