What would I do…

107421-634.jpg…if I won a blogging trip to Australia? What? A blogging trip? Yes! A few weeks ago, I read a post on Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger blog. He shared…

A year ago I was in Queensland for a conference and, sitting at the airport, I had the crazy idea that we should run a ProBlogger Down Under competition. The idea was simple—we run a competition to bring a group of bloggers to Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef and also do a little blogging training. I tweeted the idea and was inundated by people wanting to enter. I also received tweets from some tourism organisations.

To cut a long story short, today I’m ecstatic to announce a competition to bring ten highly creative bloggers from all corners of the globe to Queensland to become Queensland Blogger Correspondents. Lucky winners will not only experience the destination first hand, they will get to blog about it plus become a guest blogger for Tourism Queensland’s own blog later this year.

Source: Win 1 of 10 Trips to The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia #QldBlog : @ProBlogger

Sounds great, I said what do I have to do to win? Darren said…

For your chance to win a spot on this exciting trip we want you to tell us why you would make the ideal Queensland Blogger Correspondent.We will choose ten winners based on how you would cover the experience. How you would get the word out about what you’re doing. What kind of exposure you could bring to the destination. What creative methods you would use to share your story.

via Win 1 of 10 Trips to The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia #QldBlog : @ProBlogger.

The form they gave me doesn’t give me near enough space to tell the story so I thought why not post about it and show by example a little of what I’d actually do?! When I told my wife about the possibility, it was the first time she actually got excited about my blogging – that is until she found out it was not a trip for two!

I’m a guy from a town of 3,500 in rural Wisconsin – I have never been to Australia and as a father of six a trip like this would likely be my only hope! My impressions of Australia – like many Americans of my generation – come from movies like these:

I have been blessed in the past, however, to make 7 international trips to 15 countries – one of them was as a social media correspondent for AGCO covering the 2009 Agritechnica trade show in Hannover, Germany. The Agritechnica content is not available on their site, but while traveling as a social media ‘journalist’, I shot and posted videos like this…

In Hannover, I interviewed company representatives and show attendees using business blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to extend the trade show experience to people around the globe using what became my ‘e1evation workflow’ – a toolkit with a repeatable process of finding and sharing great content to drive traffic. The work our team did won the first NAMA award in the social media category…

The work we did at Agritechnica seems pretty ‘run of the mill’ today, but it was quite ground breaking back then. We mastered the logistics of international social media ‘trip coverage’ and set a new standard. As I did in Hannover, I would use each and every tool in my workflow to ferret out stories and capture and produce great content that would drive interest in the trip. I would also benefit from the opportunity to work directly with Darren Rowse — a person whose blogging has directly and indirectly given me many insights over the course of my blogging career. If you doubt just search this blog…

'e1evation workflow'

I think my ignorance of Australia would actually be an asset in this case – I would use it to fuel my curiosity and share what I learn. As a management consultant, I have lots of experience getting up to speed quickly on a subject matter and I’d take on Australia in the same way I did agriculture for AGCO. Among other things I’d…

  • Study for weeks in advance to get a good background on the places I’d be visiting
  • Take pictures and video at every step along the way that would be posted on a timely basis to Flickr and a YouTube channel [rural Wisconsin blogger from the shores of Lake Michigan goes to Great Barrier reef would be an interesting juxtaposition]
  • Share my thoughts via audio and text for my blog daily [which I know from experience is NOT an easy task!]
  • I’d learn from Darren Rowse in the special sessions to be an even better blogger [and photographer] and put my new skills to immediate use…

The end result would be some great content for Tourism Queensland targeted at Americans like me that would drive traffic and interest for years to come. The skills I would gain would benefit my business and my customers as well. I may not be the first choice for a trip like this, but I think I could be the 10th…

Please comment below for the folks at Tourism Queensland and ProBlogger if you think I’d do a good job of getting them the coverage and content they want! Thanks in advance…

16 thoughts on “What would I do…

  1. I can think of no better blogger to help promote Queensland than Todd Lohenry. He’s brilliant in his subject matter expertise. He’s thorough in his analysis. He’s enthusiastically positive. But more than any of that is a trait that continues to serve him (and his readers) well!

    He’s curious.

    Whether it’s a technical issue to resolve, an understanding of a new subject area or even personal interactions with someone new, he’s curious and loves exploring, digging, asking, or researching to find the answer, the details, the process or the experience.

    Throw a shrimp on the barbie with Todd’s name on it. You’ll be glad you did.


  2. Todd’s dedication to blogging is beyond phenomenal – I can’t even begin to list the tools and tricks he has up his sleeve on how to bring the most exposure to a person’s online words and thoughts. Without a doubt, he would be an excellent & natural choice for this competition.

    (I had no idea he was a father of six…I think that alone speaks for itself – this man deserves a trip!).



    1. Thanks, Jackie! I appreciate your support… And, yes — I do need a trip if only to compensate for my wife’s solo trip to Italy in May. It would be karmic justice… 😀


  3. Wow-what an opportunity for the folks ‘Down Under’ to experience Todd’s expert spin and wealth of knowledge not only on blogging but on all things related to social media and the tools to make the average ‘Joey’ an active blogger! He would do a bang up job of promoting Queensland.


  4. There are likely hundreds of good candidates but a handful that do it the right way and make a difference. Todd is thoughtful, informed, responsive and aids the greater good in our blogging community. He works with professional bloggers in addition to the the rest of us amateurs who are wandering around lost. He does so with professionalism and grace. The team “down under” would be privileged to have Todd contribute to the cause.


  5. If there is one person that could actively share every aspect of this experience with thousands of eager to learn followers back here in the US it would be Todd! An amazing opportunity for everyone that has been educated or touched by Todd’s energy, passion and knowledge to see him reach beyond our borders and share all that he can offer Down Under. They would be lucky to have that knowledge and passion be a part of their Tourism Queenland and we would be lucky to share in an amazing adventure!


  6. Todd Lohenry is a remarkable blogger. He’s brilliant, generous, and has a delightful sense of humor.

    In my interactions with him it is evident that he is the ultimate explorer:: his curious nature is contagious, his search for answers inspires, and his commitment to his craft is admirable.

    The folks ‘down under’ will be fortunate indeed.


  7. Todd, did I ever mention I used to work in tourism marketing? So I can tell you – with professional expertise – that you would be so brilliant for this. Your style wouldn’t follow any of the travel writing cliches. You have a unique and sincere written voice that would charm. And I think you’d bring such a fresh perspective on covering Queensland. Their tourism bureau – and your readers – would be so lucky to have you on this.


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