On having a firm computing foundation…

One of the greatest things about computing and the internet is the wide variety of “good, fast, and cheap” tools we have for ‘thought leadership‘ marketing. One of the worst things about computing and the internet is that if you are on your own, that means you have to be your own IT [information technology] department. You may or may not be up to that task…

Last year we celebrated the 30 anniversary of the first desktop computer from IBM. The thing that amazes me most about computers? Power? Yes, but the thing that amazes me MOST is that they haven’t really gotten easier to use! Most people don’t realize that the best day they have with their new computer is the first one and that as they install software, load and unload files, etc. their computer becomes slower and slower until the day they decide they need a new one and the process starts all over again…

If this resonates with you, you might want to use a tool I use called Tune Up Utilities 2012 — it keeps my computer running in top form so that every day with my computer is my best day because it’s always running at maximum capacity. You can download a free trial here and learn how to optimize your computer here:

You might also be interested in this post I did a few years back on how to keep your computer running as fast as the day you bought it [Note I recommended Tune Up Utilities then and still do; that is a testament in itself!]. If you the video and the posts seem intimidating, I can do it for you over the internet through “Personal Digital Coaching“. Comment below or use the ‘connect’ form…

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