Pinterest. Kool-Aid or cool?


Things are getting Pinteresting in social media — Pinterest is the hottest, latest trend to rock the social media world. I spent a good chunk of the weekend working alongside local Pinterest goddess Kerry Geocaris of MarketingSavant and had the chance to consume massive quantities of Pinterest Kool-Aid. This morning, however, my jury is still out…

Don’t get me wrong! Pinterest — like Kerry — is very cute and cool and I can see why she likes it so much. It’s a great, fun place for digital hoarders to collect their social media treasures. Despite the trends — Pinterest is the fastest growing platform in social media right now — I’m not convinced it’s the best tool for me…

I’m currently weighing Pinterest against the a combination of Evernote + Twitter. I can grab graphics using the Evernote clipper in Chrome and send clipped graphics to Twitter from there. Evernote may not be as sexy as Pinterest right now, but I can tag my multimedia so that it’s easier to find later. At first blush, Pinterest doesn’t have very robust metadata or search functionality. Although I’m a digital hoarder like Kerry, I need my hoarding tools to fit into my social media workflow and Pinterest is lacking in that regard…

One trick we learned? The Pinterest extension for Chrome from Shareaholic adds some nifty functionality to the pinning process. After ‘pinstallation’, I can select descriptive text for my pin on the page before pinning a graphic to a board. I’m going to continue to test it and I’ll report back from time to time…

In the meantime here’s the best of Pinterest that I’ve found in my travels around the internet recently…

Here’s an infographic I posted using the embed function in Pinterest. It was underwhelming in that the width of this column is 633 and I like my infographics to cover the entire width of the column. Pinterest would not allow me to enlarge it beyond the 553 pixels in Pinterest…

Source: via Todd on Pinterest

More Kool-Aid!

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