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LinkedIn may not be as sexy as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter right now, but social media trends indicate that it is rebounding and becoming a powerful player in its own right. Again…

Here in Northeast Wisconsin where I live, LinkedIn is actually stronger than any of the aforementioned social media networking tools. Is that the case where you live and work? It’s worth asking the question! Beyond regional anomalies however, LinkedIn is becoming a dominant force in job search and recruitment at a time in our nation’s economy where both are absolutely critical! If you’re a job seeker or are looking for job seekers, social media trends indicate that you should be giving LinkedIn a harder look…

LinkedIn has emerged as increasingly disruptive presence, particularly when compared to other job placement services, a trend which may point toward strong fourth-quarter results.  Evercore Partners analyst Ken Sena wrote, “Strong checks on the quarter, which include data by Wanted Technologies, indications of share gains from Monster, and recent Indications from both Dice and CareerBuilder of continued robust growth in most sectors give us reason to believe that our $160 million net revenue estimation (up 95% y/y) [for LinkedIn] is doable.” Sena rates shares equal-weight with a $70 price target.  That does not mean, however, that LinkedIn will remain the dominant player in online job recruiting. Sena notes that, although Facebook and Google do not currently have offerings in the professional job recruiting space, they may make inroads, “undermining the attractiveness of LinkedIn’s professional social graph to investors.” Source: LinkedIn: The “Other Social Network” (Update 1) – TheStreet

If you’ve overlooked LinkedIn, you might want to look it over again! Here’s my weekly LinkedIn roundup…

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