Google Reader tips and tricks for content management

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My readers know well my passion for Google Reader and the power it brings to content management. Last week I cracked the code on autoposting to Twitter with the help of and I’ve prepped a Google Reader tips and tricks video that I’ll share with you later in the post. First, though, here’s something that made me smile…

Devon Heaton of Servant of Chaos made my day with his post on how social media mechanics like me are on the rise…

You need an individual uniquely suited to “getting s#@t done. You need the Social Media Mechanic.

This is the person who can implement your strategy, find the right bits and pieces and bolt them together. This person will know what needs to be done to make the right things work – and sometimes even do the wrong things (let’s face it, we’re still making mistakes and learning from them, right?).

But without the Social Media Mechanic, you’re just going to be left with a whole heap of unconnected parts. So once you’ve got your continuous digital strategy underway, start seeking your Social Media Mechanic. You’ll never get out of the trough of disillusion without one!

Source: The Rise of the Social Media Mechanic – Servant of Chaos

I have always referred to myself as an internet ‘plumber’ much to the chagrin of @lisenbury who pleaded with me to use the phrase internet ‘electrician’. For some reason, that didn’t suit me but social media mechanic fits just fine! So, if you’re looking for a social media mechanic, look no further…

As proof of my worthiness, I offer this ‘riff’ on Google Reader for content management. Google Reader is the most important tool in my content management workflow and here are just a few tips for using it well;

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8 thoughts on “Google Reader tips and tricks for content management

    1. Thanks, Gavin! I think your post was brilliant. A couple of years ago, Seth Godin called for ‘personal digital coaching’ and your call for social media mechanics is just as prescient. I’ll be stalking you in Google Reader now expecting more brilliant stuff… 😀


  1. Sorry. Last message was garbled. Never knew I could use GR as collector for my tweets. How do you store/collect all your tweets? My understanding is that Twitter only retains 6 months or so?


    1. I am aware that Twitter only keeps things for a shorter period of time. Most of the things I tweet are trends that go away and so it’s ok if the tweets go away too. I therefore tweet anything of more permanent value to — wait for it — Evernote using @myen. It will be archived in Evernote until the end of time…


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