Tools for Tuesday; Evernote [updated]

Here’s another ‘5 Minute University’ session. This time on one of my favorite tools, Evernote

Here’s a bonus riff that I just added!

Here’s an outline of the topics…

1 Why Evernote?

1.1 Google Notebook replacement

1.2 Addresses the ‘collection bucket’ issue

1.3 Key features

1.3.1 Capture anything

1.3.2 Access anywhere

1.3.3 Find things fast

2 e1evation ‘seal of approval’

2.1 Free or freemium

2.2 Platform independent

2.2.1 Browser

2.2.2 Standalone app

2.2.3 Smartphones and tablets

2.3 “Never use two tools where one will do”

2.4 ‘Swiss Army Knife‘ of collection

3 Inputs

3.1 Notes

3.2 Files

3.3 Images

3.4 Audio

3.5 Bookmarklet or Shareaholic

3.6 Email

4 Syncs flawlessly

4.1 All computers

4.2 Web

4.3 Smartphones, too!!!

5 Sharing

5.1 Facebook

5.2 Twitter

5.3 Other Evernote users

6 Want more?

6.1 Todd Lohenry

6.2 e1evation, llc

6.3 [You are here!]


6.5 920-265-1614

Comment or ‘connect’ to discuss how this applies to you and your organization…

12 thoughts on “Tools for Tuesday; Evernote [updated]

  1. I love Evernote. There are just so many features that I need to learn about it. having my info on my iPad, iPhone and desktop/laptop all at the same time just makes my workflow so efficient


    1. Awesome, Ron! I too learned by doing it and uncovered new features in the interest of being thorough. I use Jing to do screencasts and I love how it only gives me five minutes, too…


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