11 Ways to Use Content to Build Online Authority

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HubSpot has some great thoughts on building online authority that I’d like to share with you…

When someone talks about achieving online authority, what do they mean? And why are so many marketers and business owners fighting to be the online authority in their industry?

Being an online authority essentially means you’re not only a thought leader on a specific topic, but that you’ve also taken the time to translate that knowledge in a meaningful way online. And if you’re a business owner, you’ve gone about it in such a way that search engines see it, your prospects and customers recognize it, and as a result, it helps you generate customers and revenue.

It makes sense: People do business with the people they trust. And putting yourself out there, giving your brand a personality, and taking the time to present research, updates, and opinions that help your prospects and customers is how trust is earned. People used to do it in person; they still do, but now their reach can be extended by thousands and even millions by doing it online, too.

As it turns out, one of the easiest methods of doing all this is through content creation. It’s how people and search engines find you and determine your relevance; over time, the cream rises to the top. If you’re trying to build your online authority — like most smart marketers are — these are the ways you can use content to get the job done.

Source: 11 Ways to Use Content to Build Online Authority

My favorite is #11; ‘be a credible resource’. I’m not a great writer – in fact, I’d rather talk than write. I love SoundCloud and YouTube as a means of expressing myself. The problem is, Google doesn’t search for pretty or sounds good so I use curation as a means of drawing people into my site to view my original content. Go to the source if you’d like more of HubSpot’s perspective – comment or ‘connect’ to discuss how this applies to you and your organization…

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