Stop lying to yourself!

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The problem isn’t writer’s block…

…it’s actually writing the damn post.

You don’t need ideas, open Google Reader or join #Blogchat.  You’ll have enough ideas to write posts for the next year.

The problem is, when you actually WRITE the post, then it’s real.  Then you are dangerously close to publishing it.  Which means suddenly everyone will see it, and read it, and judge it.

And yet, you are often the harshest judge of your own work.  Too often, you assume that your post isn’t worthy of the reader, before they have a chance to dismiss it.  So it stays in your Draft folder, mocking you.

You can’t ‘sell’ until you ‘ship’.

Source: Stop Lying to Yourself, Your Problem Isn’t Figuring Out What to Write About… | – Social Media Training and Consulting

Go to the source if you’d like to read the rest of Mack’s article. Or, maybe you should just start writing!


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