We have to change the way we deal with ‘partners’

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All vendors, heck, EVERYONE needs to rethink the way we interact with customers, especially now that there are 400 million Facebook members, 100 million of which access the service via smartphones…

“Traditional Web sites are being replaced by social media and Web 2.0 communities for vendor and partner marketing and sales activities, and the number of people using such tools for sales purposes is increasing as the technology continues to evolve and users start to understand how to better take advantage of the benefits.

In fact, the way vendors and channel partners are doing social marketing is starting to change a lot, said Michael Dubrall, managing director of Gilwell Group, during the recent “Exploring Social Media & Vendor Marketing Trends — Survey Results” Webinar hosted by Integrated mar.com as part of its Trusted Business Advisor Webinar series.

Vendors and partners are having to change the way they meet their customers’ needs, but they’re also communicating with and finding customers differently than before.

“There’s a huge change in the way we’re interacting with each other up and down the value chain,” Dubrall said. Some of the old ways of doing business are giving way for the new reality of social media marketing…” Source: Integrated mar.com: direct results for the indirect world

If you’re a marketing genius confused by all the social media possibilities, comment, call or contact me to talk about how this applies to your business…

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