Before and after; Nilofer Merchant ‘total beauty makeover’…

Nilofer Merchant; Author, Speaker, Inspirer

The good Lord has put some amazing people in my path. For a guy ‘straight outta Wisconsin’, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with some pretty high octane people. One of them is Nilofer Merchant. Now Nilofer herself is not in need of a ‘total beauty makeover’ but her web presence was another issue altogether…

Nilofer and I met and worked together at Apple during the ‘Think Different‘ campaign — she at the ‘mothership’ in Cupertino and me at the field office in Chicago. We both left Apple and went on to other things; she to GoLive, Rubicon Consulting, writing a couple of books and me to eventually start e1evation, llc. Thanks to social networking, our paths crossed again recently. I commented to her that I was surprised to see a global thought leader like her using Posterous for her blog. She remembered that comment and a couple of weeks ago asked if I would guide her through the process of moving to WordPress…

The old Posterous site; click to enlarge...

For her theme, we chose the highly modifiable Canvas from Woo Themes and designing the site was ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’ due to their flexible and powerful approach to WordPress theme design. We still have a few things to clean up, but Nilofer, being the hard charging kick ass girl she is, couldn’t wait to ‘go live’. You can view her site online at but don’t follow her unless you want your world rocked!

The new site; click to enlarge

Are you a great thinker that wants to engage in ‘thought leadership’ marketing? Do what Nilofer did. Ask me to guide you through the process. Comment, call or ‘connect’ so we can get started…

2 thoughts on “Before and after; Nilofer Merchant ‘total beauty makeover’…

  1. Wow, that before and after kinda brings it to life, even to me who was thinking “what’s this big deal about a website needing to also be sticky?!”. Thanks, Todd. For coaching, guiding, and generally making sure I got to the other side of this project so fast and so well. 


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