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With the official announcement of Google’s Nexus One yesterday, I’m going to go out on a limb and say “It’s time to sell your RIM stock”. This slurp from Mashable came out almost a month ago before Google’s announcment and the BlackBerry was in trouble then…

“As you may know, we’ve been conducting our weekly Lunchtime Poll and getting Mashable readers’ opinions on the topic of the week. This week we pitted six smartphone platforms against each other in our Smartphone Smackdown and asked you lovely folks to cast your votes.

We put RIM’s BlackBerry, Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone, the Symbian OS, Palm’s webOS and Windows Mobile head-to-head and sat back to watch the votes fly. At the end of the day, all had a respectable showing on the scoreboard, but there can be only one winner…

… and in this case the victor happens to be Apple’s iconic iPhone — the platform that kicked off the mobile app store craze that other mobile players have followed. With a commanding 43% of the vote, the iPhone was the champion, although Google’s (Google) open source Android (Android) platform was not too far behind at 29%. RIM and Palm both took 9% of the tally, with Symbian and Windows Mobile bringing up the rear at 5% each.” Source: Mashable Readers Vote: iPhone Wins the Smartphone Smackdown

I’ve been a BlackBerry user for over two years now and the products that are coming out today make the BlackBerry look like DOS compared to a Macintosh 15 years ago. When my chance to renew comes up I’ll be getting an Android phone so fast it will make your head swim. Until then, I’m stuck with this stupid Curve that looked so cool a couple of years ago…

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