No new iPhone? No worries with these great Android smartphones

Is it possible to love a phone? Oh, yes — I looove both of these… 

The Nexus S 4G from Google offers a stripped-down Android experience free from unnecessary pre-installed ‘bloatware’ apps common on many other phones. This highly customizable device is ‘pure Google’ and many Android users will prefer this experience to the bells and whistles other manufacturers load onto their phones. It can still take advantage of Sprint’s 4G WiMax network, offers a beautiful 4-inch slightly curved display, and will always be the first phone to get Google’s Android software updates. For hardcore Android users who want to keep things pure, this a great choice.

The HTC EVO 4G was the nation’s first 4G phone, and though it is a year or so old and is likely to get superseded by the EVO 3D later this month, it still packs a fair old punch. Sporting a large, bright 4.3” screen, this phone lets you take advantage of Sprint’s speedy 4G WiMax network. You’re also likely to find your monthly cellular bills with Sprint are lower if you choose your plan carefully. With an expected update to Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread operating system in the next few days, the EVO 4G will still keep you ahead of the pack for a while yet.

For almost a year, I was thrilled with the Evo but then Cindy Otley of Sprint in Green Bay tempted me with the Nexus S. Never have I been more ecstatic about a device — or at least not in recent memory! With more speed, more memory and less crapware, the Nexus S is the Android phone that beats them all, especially when combined with the Sprint network. Call the Oneida St. Store @ (920) 497-2181 ‎and let Cindy hook you up…

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