Let’s roll, Nilofer!

Nilofer Merchant is a kick-a$$ woman from Silicon Valley about whom I have posted several times before [search box!]. Here she is at TED speaking about innovation…

I think you can why I’ve been blown away by her for years — she’s a deep thinker and engaging communicator, Nilofer totally rocks!

Well, today Nilofer just ask lil’ ol’ me for help in putting together her ‘thought leadership marketing’ toolkit. What a great world it is when a Silicon Vally powerhouse can call on an ‘internet plumber’ from Algoma, WI and they can collaborate using this wonderful thing called the internet…

I know that when you get in the end zone you’re supposed to act like you belong there but I’m awed. And humbled. And I’ve been practicing and perfecting my craft every day for 5 years just waiting for an opportunity like this. I’m ready to kick a$$ for you — let’s roll, Nilofer…

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