What browser do you use?

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Firefox is my primary browser, although I use them all…

“What makes Firefox different? Most importantly, we’re open. That means anyone around the world (and we have thousands of experts watching our back) is able to look into our code and find any potential weak spots in our armor. 

And when we hear about a problem, we roll up our sleeves and get to work fixing it right away. It’s in your best interest (and ours) to take care of the issue, even if it means admitting we’re a little less than perfect.

Simply put, your security is our top priority.” Source: Mozilla Products | Security

Besides security in addition, it’s one of the fastest browsers available and it’s the most extensible. Second favorite? Google’s Chrome. Least favorite? The one most people use: Internet Explorer. Ask me why!

One thought on “What browser do you use?

  1. Since the time I wrote this over two years ago, I have complete converted to Chrome as my primary browser. Not only does it fit my Google-primary paradigm, but Firefox has been a bit of a disappointment lately…


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