Start me up!

An inside look at my morning routine and the tools I use to bring together…


In case you missed it, I’ve covered Google Reader in depth here, Feedly here, Gist here, and Shareaholic here

btw, I’m aware this not my best video yet, but I’m learning to use Camtasia which is a powerful, but complex tool. Maybe I should read the manual?!

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3 thoughts on “Start me up!

  1. Camtasia is a great tool! Be wary though that the voice narration sometimes gets the timing out of whack. Adding Audacity to record the voice narration and then importing back into Camtasia works out really well.


  2. Todd:How fun to see my face on Gist in your tutorial. I love Gist (and thank you for introducing me to it some time ago). Now every time I come back from a local event and gather business cards I automatically put them into Gist and then send them a request to update their profile so I can pull in their other social networks (that many still don't put on their business card). I also swear by Shareaholic and Feedly!BTW-if you enjoy reading be sure to watch for John Jantsch's new book “The Referral Engine” that is coming out in May. Michelle @mmangen


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