Do You Have the Skills to Be a B2B Social Media Marketer?

Social Media Landscape
Image by fredcavazza via Flickr
Consider this…

Every job requires a variety of skills to be successful, and social media marketer or communicator or specialist at a B2B company is no different. But when you start to list out the skills and realize the level of competency required for this postion, it becomes daunting to find individuals with all of them. If you were looking to make a social media hire, which may be a quaint thought in a few years, you must determine what skills hold the highest priority for your organization. This may be difficult to determine if your B2B company is looking for the person to start the company’s social media programs.

And if you are looking for a social media postion, while you cannot excel at all of these, you must excel at several of them and possess a high level of proficiency at most of them. So let’s take a look at the major skills, which I have presented in the form of positions or job titles.

Follow the ‘via’ link to go to the source where you can find all the skills you need…

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