Ask Better Questions

Connecting (Chris Brogan)
Image by petermello via Flickr

If you want better answers, ask better questions. I most recently heard that by listening to a Tony Robbins CD (wrote about that here), but I’ve heard it before. The thing is, with all good advice, if you don’t hear it often, it falls under the waves. So, I’m here to repeat it.

“If you want better answers, ask better questions.”…

I was reading the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine, about the guy who started the Ace Hotel, and about how it’s turning into a branding thing. I felt a bit of joy and a bit of envy. I started thinking, “What can’t I have a brand like that?” Of course, if you look at the phrasing of the question, what I’m asking is for all the negative reasons why I don’t have that. So, I rephrased:

“What could I do to roll out a brand that means something and transforms across more than one platform?”

This answer was much better. It then made me think of ways that I could grow what I’m working on and really get it into the mindset of a brand. How?

Couldn’t agree more with Chris Brogan — I believe intelligent question asking is the single most important skill anyone can possess. Agree/disagree?

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