You know what is amazing? Dropbox!

Have multiple computers? Across multiple platforms? Forget about usb sticks and all that jazz. Check out Dropbox…

“In mid-September, the file sync-and-store service Dropbox came out of private beta, boasting smooth file synchronization between computers and across platforms. I gave it a try on Windows and Ubuntu Linux, and I was quite impressed by what I found.

Dropbox is part online storage, part data back-up, part file-sharing, and part data synchronization. After you install the free program, the Dropbox icon appears in your system tray. Click on the icon to open the “My Dropbox” folder. All the contents of this folder are automatically synchronized with the Dropbox servers and any other computer you have Dropbox installed on. The files in that folder are then available on your other computers or through the Dropbox website. The folder acts like any other folder on your computer, and it also shows up in your My Documents or Home folder.” Source: DropBox review | BestFreeApps

I have used this for months without incident — in fact, Dropbox just saved my bacon because it holds on to deleted files and allows you to resurrect them. How cool is that? Sign up for your free account here!

2 thoughts on “You know what is amazing? Dropbox!

  1. Todd – I love DropBox -when I changed my laptops this saved my sanity because I was able to back everything up in DropBox from my old computer and then easily restored all the files onto my new computer.The only thing that I really had a problem with was getting my iTunes to transfer (though that was probably user error).


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