The One Service Every Consultant Should Offer

Business Process Reengineering Cycle
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Great stuff!

“A participant of a recent webcast asked me if there is one service every consultant should offer. I didn’t hesitate with my answer. Every practice, no matter how different, should offer clients a diagnostic assessment. 

You might refer to this service as a strategic review, a gap analysis, a business process evaluation, or even an initial consultation. Whatever you call it, your service should evaluate a specific area of client concern in a relatively short, systematic way and offer objective advice. The emphasis is on “short,” “systematic,” and “objective.”

For example, one consultant offers a two-week assessment of client call center operations. During that time, the consultant analyzes the call center’s customer service performance, employee productivity, financial performance, and management effectiveness.” Source: The One Service Every Consultant Should Offer – RainToday

Go to the source and read the whole article…

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