Stacking Wood


I love Chris Brogan! Here’s an excerpt from his latest post:


  • Blogging is stacking wood. More content means more readers, more search terms, more opportunities to sell.
  • Email marketing is stacking wood. Reaching out to people with useful information that maintains your relationship lures in more sales.
  • Connecting on LinkedIn is stacking wood. The larger your network, the more potential you have to help others, or find help for yourself.
  • Getting coffee with a friend is stacking wood. I owe Jon Swanson another long phone call soon.
  • Reading is stacking wood. The more I learn, the more I can improve on my execution and my abilities.
  • Fitness and nutrition are stacking wood. The more fuel you have in your body for the fire, the better your chances at success become.

You could add to this list, couldn’t you?
And how are you doing at stacking wood these days? Are you preparing and doing the chores that keep the fire tended? Or are you burning and enjoying the warmth?”

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