Resolve to get a website…

This list from author Matthew Shofoluwe is a good start…

“Business, like any organism, has to adapt to it’s environment. While the underlying principles for conducting businesses may remain unchanged, some areas are almost always in need of new and better ways of doing the same things. An example of such area is in communication. These includes presentations. Business has to promote itself. Passers by become visitors, who may become customers. A unique tool of these promotions is the internet, and the website in general.” Source: Business Website – 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have One

…but I think he didn’t hit the biggest issue hard enough, namely, the ability to publish whatever you want about yourself without having to worry about the cost of printing, etc. One of my favorite cartoons says ‘On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog…‘. I have always taken this to mean that any company can look as good as any other company on the internet regardless of their size…

If you’re looking for a low cost internet presence powered by social media, contact me using the form above or by calling (920) 486-4798. You can also find me lurking on the internet in these places

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