We’ve learned a lot…

…through our partnership with AGCO around ‘socializing’ — using social media to cover — trade shows. Here are some interesting thoughts from Kipp Bodnar on the topic…

“Almost every B2B company invests part of its marketing budget in trade shows. It is one tried and true method of lead generation. The problem with trade shows is that they aren’t cheap, and they are a big line item on the marketing budget. So if your company is making the investment, then it should do everything it can to squeeze out every last drop of value. This need for value, combined with cut travel budgets across all industries, means that the solution to this problem is social media.” Source: 5 Ways To Make Your B2B Trade Show Social | Social Media B2B

Go to the source for the rest of the article. Questions? Feedback? Leave a comment or use the contact page to reach me…

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