Why should I care about Foursquare?

Because Forrester has some interesting data to support it…

“While only 4 percent of US online adults have ever used a location-based service, like popular check in app Foursquare, data from research firm Forrester shows that young adult males with college degrees appear to be the main user group.

In addition to being the main user group, the group may also be heavy online influencers as 38% of them claim that their networks ask them for their opinion before making a purchase decision. It would be interesting to know what types of products their networks ask them about before a purchase. Most likely, it’s probably electronics.

Finally, the data shows that the group may also be heavy mobile researchers, meaning that they are more likely to search for information on products or services as well as look up ratings and reviews. If the user group is constantly checking in to locations, then they are probably also using their smartphones…” Source: Forrester reveals who uses location-based services the most | VentureBeat

While the Pew Internet Study reports that only 4% of smartphone users are ‘checking in’ — it’s a pretty awesome and influential 4%. Wouldn’t you agree?

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