How much would I have to pay you…

Google Reader Logo
Image by Casual Chin via Flickr

…to STOP using Google Reader? $25,000 wouldn’t cut it for internet maven Louis Gray…

“Information is power – and the ability to take in more information more quickly than anybody else, all in one place, is an incredible power. The Web has been built to enable all of us to share and distribute information quickly, through new posts and links.

Tools like RSS (Real Simple Syndication) let us pass information from one site to another, letting you get updates in a single location – be it to your favorite blog posts, your favorite news and sport sites, or simply updates from friends’ videos on YouTube and updates on Flickr. RSS Readers capture updates from all these RSS feeds in one application or on one Web site. In my opinion, the very best RSS reader is Google Reader. It has become such a mainstay of my online activity that I’ve determined its value to me is easily in the tens of thousands of dollars per year.” Source: Why I Wouldn’t Accept $25k To Stop Using Google Reader

If I were you, I’d go to the source on this one and read the rest of this great post! And btw, if you missed my free online Google Reader class last week, contact me and I’ll send you a link to the recorded session…

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