What’s Your Killer “Technology”?

The word “technology” is in quotes because I want to expand your view of how it’s used. Businesses that get talked about do something different from other businesses. Being different is such an essential ingredient in marketing a small business.

You must also work, however, to bring that difference to the forefront of all marketing communications by developing tools that promote your point of view and your core difference.

It’s not enough to say that you’re different; you’ve also got to develop tools and materials that illustrate that difference. So in that vein, your technology could be a seven-step approach, a discovery audit, an actual technological product advancement, a coaching process, a set of tools, or proprietary software.

The key is to capture what it is that you do that’s unique and valuable and expand it into something that you can build a great deal of your educational content platform around. Think of this as your organization’s signature tool.

My ‘signature tool’ is the ‘e1evation workflow’ — you can read about here

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