Social Media Marketing Bootcamp – Green Bay, December 3

I’m really excited that Dana VanDen Heuvel of MarketingSavant has asked me to join him in team teaching this Social Media Marketing Bootcamp in December. Dana’s brilliant when it comes to social media strategy and I’m not so bad at practical, tactical social media tools…

Nearly every local business can benefit from social media in their marketing, but most courses and books only tell you why and don’t show you “how to.” The Social Media Boot Camp for Local Business will teach you the why, the how-to and the practical, tactical things you can do to make social media work for your business. You’ll complete the course with complete command of the latest social media marketing tools and know how to deploy them in your business.

Folks who attend will get alot in a very condensed timeframe and if I weren’t presenting, I’d be the first to sign up…

You can follow the via link to sign up via EventBrite. Here’s the outline for the course…

Social Media Bootcamp – Workshop Agenda

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