Has business social media hit the mainstream?

“SmartPulse — our regular reader poll in SmartBrief on Social Media — tracks feedback from leading marketers about social-media practices and issues. Our most recent poll question: Which statement best describes your business’ current approach to social media?

  • We are experimenting — 41.88%
  • We have a documented social-media marketing plan and metrics to track performance – 24.79%
  • We have analysis paralysis. (In other words, we are all talk and no action) — 11.97%
  • We are well on our way to becoming a social business (i.e. implementing social technologies across the organization) — 11.11%
  • My subscription to this newsletter is the extent of my company’s social-media activity — 10.26%

The genesis of this poll question came after reading a recent article by Geoff Livingston, “The End of the Social Media Adoption Road,” that references Rogers’ Innovation Adoption Curve. Livingston states his belief that: “We’re rapidly approaching the end of the technology adoption curve for social media. … We’re likely moving into the laggard stage currently.”” Source: Has social media for business hit the mainstream? | SmartBlog on Social Media

What do you think? Is social media ready for prime time at your organization?

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