Why We All Hate Consultants (and Why It’s Okay)

When my company is stuck, I’m just as inclined to hire an outside advisor as other leaders are. But I hate it. Hiring a consultant means something needs to be fixed, or grown, or that I don’t know what to do next. I’m not talking about contractors whom I hire to do what I need and they are supplemental labor. I’m talking the consultants where I hire them to advise me. Hiring them usually means we’ve already failed in our first effort. It mostly means we are vulnerable. We need. So I believe we should all hate consultants. You probably already do. It’s okay. I give you permission.

I love Nilofer Merchant’s perspective on things — it’s so different from what I hear day to day, and yet so wise. Follow the ‘via’ link for the rest of this article and follow Nilofer Merchant in social media — just try to keep up!

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