Use Soluto To Improve Your Windows Boot Up Time

Does your Windows machine take a long time to boot up? (Insert snarky “switch to Linux” joke here). Well a company has developed a remedy to improve Windows boot time, and it is called Soluto.

The way the application works is simple. It installs, then it asks you to reboot and then it watches your boot time and tells you what is taking up the majority of that time. It allows you to pause the item (does not start up again until un-paused) or you can delay its startup. It will wait until the initial set of applications is loaded before attempting to start your delayed applications.

This program works well for techies and entry level computer users alike. If you are an expert user you can take action on all your items and have a great list to work from on speeding up your boot up. A novice would be able to pause the items that they know they do not use or have already uninstalled.

I’ve been using Soluto since the first day it popped up on the radar. It works nicely — I especially like the delay feature for non-essential startup items. If you’re scratching your head wondering why your computer is getting slower and slower, Soluto may be an asset to you…

Posted via web from The e1evation facebook page

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