Steve Jobs: Master of Irony

I’m not sure if it still is, but at one point in time this commercial was the most popular of all time…

Now, ironically, Robert Wright of the New York Times says Steve Jobs has become the ‘Big Brother’ that Apple warned us about in 1984

“Jobs stands accused of what in Silicon Valley is a capital crime: authoritarian tendencies. He’s long played hardball with journalists who reveal details about forthcoming products, and now he’s deciding what content people can view on the iPhone and iPad. Apps featuring even soft-core porn are verboten, and some kinds of political commentary don’t make the cut. Apple recently rejected an app from a political cartoonist — and then, embarrassingly, had to reconsider after he won the Pulitzer Prize.

Put these two Jobs profiles together — emerging infotech hegemon and congenital control freak — and you get a scary scenario: growing dominance of our information pipelines by a guy who likes to filter information. No wonder Jobs’s detractors have been making ironic reference to Apple’s famous 1984 Super Bowl ad, the one that implicitly cast the IBM-Microsoft alliance as Big Brother.” Source: Is Steve Jobs Big Brother? – Opinionator Blog –

Follow the source — it’s an interesting read…

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