Socialize your email II

Recently, a good friend of the blog told me about a tool called Xobni that integrates ‘contextual social media’ with your inbox…

“There are a number of email plugins that look to give you contextual information about the person you’re communicating with. The first one I tried (and arguably the best I’ve seen) is Xobni, an Outlook plugin.

There’s now a similar plugin available for Gmail users called Rapportive. Rapportive replaces the ads you normally see in the right-hand sidebar with a profile of the person you’re emailing with that is automatically generated by searching online services for your correspondent’s email address. Rapportive is only available to users that are using either Firefox or Chrome as their browser, since Firefox and Chrome have a plugin architecture.” Source: Rapportive replaces Gmail ads with useful social information

Need to get up to speed on Xobni?

“Xobni is a plugin for Outlook that adds advanced search and social functions to the email client. When we last looked at Xobni, the service indexed your email messages and created personal profiles for each of your contacts by automatically extracing phone numbers and loking users up on LinkedIn. Now Xobni has rolled out an update that adds integration with Skype, Facebook, Hoovers, and Yahoo! Mail.

Here’s how it works. You can search for email using the Xobni sidebar. When you click on a message, Xobni will pull up information about the sender, including information from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Hoovers. If your contact’s Skype profile or phone number are available, you can also initiate a call with the click of a button.

In addition to searching your Outlook mail, you can also have Xobni index your Yahoo! Mail, although in order to reply to messages you’ll need to login to the Yahoo! Mail web interface.” Source: Xobni brings Skype, Facebook, Yahoo! integration to Outlook

I use and recommend both of these technologies. Questions? Feedback? Comment, call or contact me to discuss how this applies to YOU…

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