Why no one is reading your blog…

You want to throw a party and have lots of people show up.
You want to have a successful blog but you want people to read it.

It’s a trick

So here’s the trick (and it really is a mental trick).  You have to write a blog post like someone is reading it…even if no one is.  Anyone who knows how to use Google and can “cut and paste” can add analytics to their site to see exactly how many people are visiting.  Here’s my advice…add analytics and then ignore them.  They’re too discouraging and in the end it’s not the point.  CNN.com has a lot more visits than your web site and they always will.  So what?  If your goal is to spread your ideas then start spreading them one post at a time.  You’ll know when your ideas are spreading, trust me.

How do I get traffic?

Somebody cares about what you’re saying.  If no one seems to care then talk about something else or change how you’re delivering your message.  But, somebody cares.  Let’s go back to the party comparison.  If you don’t come to my party guess what…I’m not coming to yours.  So if you want me to come to your blog then come to mine and let me know how to get back to yours.  If you want readers then spread the love.  Spend time at other blogs and then go back to yours regularly and write like someone is reading it.

You better have a frosty beverage for me

The other reason you need to write like someone is reading is that one day, when you do start to get visitors you’ll need something for them to read.  Blogs archive your entries so they’ll have a treasure trove of info that you’ve written if you post before they show up. Not regularly posting to your blog or creating content of any kind (podcast, ebooks etc.) and inviting me to visit your site is like inviting me to a party without having any good beer to drink or any food to snack on.  When I get there…I expect something from you.  It’s bad news if you expect those people to come back if they didn’t find anything the first time they showed up…they’re not likely to return.

Action points:

  • Install analytics on your site
  • Ignore the analytics for a long time
  • Comment on other sites every day (you can start with this blog).  Commenting on the big blogs can get you traffic…not from the big names but from other people who leave comments (happened to me this week).
  • Write a post a week (minimum).  But please write something.

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